A Fishy Tale


aquariumWhen TLC Nottinghamshire Chairman Graham Riche recently delivered more TLC Teddies to the Childrens' Emergency Department at the QMC, he asked Play Specialist Katrina Heaney if there was anything else the Charity could do for the department.

Katrina had only to glance at the rather forlorn looking fish tank, reduced to just two fish and much too much algae growing on the glass; in dark wood it now looked very sad, sitting in the middle of the light oak, very modern looking, reception suite in the department.

And so it was agreed; not just a new fish tank but something worthy of being called an aquarium!

Katrina and colleagues visited the aquarium centre at Bardills Nurseries in Toton and agreed what was required. Graham's colleague, Barry Woodhead, then took on the task of ensuring everything was provided.

The photo diary (in the Image Gallery section of the site) shows the stages of the project, which was great fun as you will see. One of the highlights was the selection of the 'Sponge Bob Square Pants' village-and-people to go in the bottom of the aquarium – apparently chosen only for the children!

Once the aquarium was in position, the water had to be left for about a week to acclimatise before any fish were introduced. Nonetheless, even at this intermediate stage - of water but no fish - it still looked amazing.

With expert advice from Bardills, six more fish were introduced - to the delight of staff and children alike. More fish will be introduced over time, to make the aquarium complete.

Happy Watching!