Newark Hospital - Minor Injuries Unit or Casualty?


newark-hospital1For many years Newark Hospital had a Casualty Department that was the envy of many larger hospitals but earlier this year despite a valiant campaign, by locals and some further afield, the department was downgraded to a 'Minor Injuries Department.' This caused the management some concern regarding the level of service that the unit would be able to provide into the future and raised questions as to whether TLC bears would still be needed at Newark.

I am pleased to report that under the leadership of Michael Thompson, the Departmental Leader, the service capability has been maintained at its previous high levels. In fact the number of customers visiting the department has risen and with the professional and cheerful care of the staff, coupled with a speedy course of treatment, the need to visit larger hospitals elsewhere is minimised.

So the TLC bears are still given to all children suffering trauma and continue to be an aide for doctors and nurses alike. A happy department as is shown in the photograph of the staff with their small and colourful helpers.