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Teddies comfort poorly kids at the QMC's Emergency Department


Visiting hospital can be very distressing, especially for children. But help is now at hand in the shape of teddy bears for those youngsters treated in the paediatric Emergency Department at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. The 'Teddies for loving Care Appeal', a new local charity has been set up to supply 10,000 of the cuddly toys over the next 12 months to medics to pass on to young patients.

It has been shown elsewhere in the UK that the cuddly teds ease distress, bring comfort and reward children for their bravery. They also help medical staff demonstrate a procedure or divert the child's attention.

The furry bears stand 26 cms high and sport various brightly coloured outfits designed to bring a smile to little faces.

The QMC Emergency Department's head nurse matron Jackie Keogh says: "Teddies have traditionally always given children comfort so we think it is a great idea to help alleviate deserving youngsters' stress whilst I'm sure helping our team when they treat them. We're delighted the TLC Appeal has been so generous."

TLC Appeal organiser Graham Riche adds: "The QMC's busy Emergency Department for children is the perfect place to launch the new TLC Appeal Teddies for Loving Care charity. We hope to help as many Notts children as possible that pass through these doors. It's worked very effectively in other areas of the country so we hope to build on this success during 2006 and beyond."


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TLC Appeal - Teddies for Loving Care

The TLC Appeal is a voluntary charity dependent on the support of the Freemasons, in the form of donations and time, to finance the TLC teddies supplied to paediatric wards and A&E units. The charity's main objective is to supply medical staff with TLC teddies to give to children admitted who are in severe distress and where it is felt would assist clinicians in their work with these young patients.