Super Ted for Super Hero


oliverThrough the connection we have via Mark's father, David James, a mason in the Radcliffe Lodge meeting at West Bridgford, it has been a great pleasure to have attended many Masonic events over the past few years in support of the charity 'Teddies for Loving Care'.

The events are always great fun and an opportunity to spend an evening in the company of some of the most giving and caring individuals we have had the pleasure to meet.

On Palm Sunday 2010 when our eldest son was two years old he became seriously ill with a case of gastroenteritis requiring hospitalisation. We arrived at the hospital as extremely concerned and worried parents and stood helplessly by as four doctors tried to hold our son while they administered life saving medication. Oliver, whilst being extremely poorly, was able to put up quite a fight and would not allow the nursing staff anywhere near him. It was in this difficult and worrying few minutes that a nurse reached for a box on the top shelf and gave Oliver a TLC teddy bear - he was even able to pick his colour. It was at this moment that the TLC charity turned around events for our son. The giving of a teddy to Oliver helped to calm him down and allow the nursing staff to insert a drip and give medication whilst using the teddy to distract and comfort him.

As his parents and from attending charity events we knew immediately what the teddies were and who supplied them for children in hospital in situations such as this. The simply act of giving our son the teddy bear did bring tears to both our eyes as it was very emotional to be on the receiving end of the great work the charity performs. Having the teddies made and available for issue to scared, poorly children within the hospitals of Nottinghamshire truly does make a difference.

When attending the events at the lodge it never occurred to us just how important the TLC charity would become. The work of the TLC charity is now something that is extremely close to our hearts as we have been on the receiving end of such a valuable and important charity. Oliver still has his teddy and still refers to it as the Teddy he got at the Super Hero Centre made by poppa and his friends!

Thank you TLC.