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nhrTLC Takes to the Air

Kev Castle, DJ for Nottingham Hospitals Radio (NHR) award winning Sunday morning programme,

has been so impressed by the recent articles in the Nottingham Post about the work of Teddies for Loving Care that he has invited Graham Riche (Chairman TLC Nottinghamshire) to appear on the his Sunday morning programme. The programme will consist of a series of interviews followed by records chosen by Graham – so expect some really early 60's stuff! NHR broadcasts 24 hours a day to the patients of the Queens Medical Centre and City Hospitals with a wide variety of programs every day of the week. Of these the Sunday Morning Show is a big hit. The programme featuring Graham, 'Kev Castle's Sunday Morning Show' will be broadcast on 10 April 2011, so if you can pick it up or you know someone in hospital tell them to tune in or even better visit them and listen along with them.