TLC at Tollerton Neighbourhood Watch


We have a very strong Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Tollerton with five Area Co-ordinators, including myself, as the managing group with 80 Street Co-ordinators, plus about 100 residents on an email alert system. This year is the 25th anniversary of the scheme.

Each year we organise a Cheese & Wine evening as a thank you to the SCs and partners. We normally get around 50-60 residents attending. This year after a concerted campaign to get more people on the email list, we had our best ever attendance of 80 people. We normally have a guest speaker from the emergency services and this year it was to be from Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance, and in recognition of their services we decided to hold a raffle with the proceeds going to L&NAA.

 The event was due to commence at 7pm on Thursday 7 March but unfortunately the speaker notified us at 2pm that he couldn't attend. We were in mass panic!!! TLC came to my mind and I rang Graham Riche ( Chairman of TLC) to seek help. He was taking his wife Jill to the cinema as non-Masonic treat but agreed to come along afterwards. They duly arrived at 7.30pm and after suitable liquid sustenance Graham delivered a really superb presentation. The audience were enthralled and received it very enthusiastically. We have received many comments on how much the residents enjoyed the evening. I had anticipated the raffle for L&NAA would raise around £80, so I am delighted to report that the total sum raised for TLC, including the sale of some of the usual items, was £164.