Laughing in the Aisles with the Opera Dudes


dudesOn Saturday 28 January over 200 people - Masons, their partners, family and friends stepped out of the cold winter's night and into the Belgrave Suite, Nottingham, where they were warmly entertained by the Opera Dudes.

The Dudes, Tim Lole and Neil Allen, first met up five years ago and having decided to combine their musical and vocal pedigrees with an injection of humour and charm set about entertaining the general populace. Their repertoire consists of classical opera tunes, popular contemporary songs, superb piano pieces and comedy sketches. They go to considerable lengths to tailor their performance to the audience and this occasion was no exception.

They generated much laughter by poking gentle fun at freemasonry and also by compelling the audience to participate in an adapted version of Teddy Bears Picnic with YMCA TLC-style hand actions.

Their combination of serious and light music with 'Morecome and Wise' style knockabout humour ensured that all, no matter what their personal taste, were fully entertained and left with a broad smile on their faces. Certainly if laughter is a recipe for good health then judging by the volume and frequency of the laughter all attending greatly improved their immune systems!

The evening raised £1800 for TLC funds with, thanks to the generosity of all attending, over £600 from the raffle alone! All the members of the committee, along with Radcliffe Lodge members, combined to make the evening a success and much thanks is due to them and also to Alan Beckerton and the staff at Goldsmith Street.

At the end of the evening Graham Riche thanked 'The Dudes' for their thoroughly professional performance and presented them with a gold TLC badge, key ring and special bear. He invited them to come back in twelve months when he anticipated even more would turn up to be 'injected' with a sense of well being!

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